Educational Technical Seminar

Educational Technical Seminar

03 June 2019

The technical seminars organized by AutoNetParts, at its premises in Kavala and Alexandroupoli, were successfully completed. The topic was:

Automatic air conditioning and Diagnosis
Common Rail-EDC17ECO Diagnostic Techniques
Exhaust Gas Treatment, NEW Techniques with Diagnosis

The purpose of the seminars was to inform AutoNetParts partners and resellers about automatic air conditioning, exhaust treatment and problem diagnosis techniques.

Our company has to thank the lecturer, Mr. Aristides Pantazidis, who gave us his knowledge about these new technologies as well as all the participants.

AutoNetParts, aiming at maintaining and further developing a reliable, effective and trained Affiliate-Reseller Network, provides ongoing, structured, and specialized training at regular intervals.

Photgraphs are following: